Rug Gallery - Ideas and Inspiration
Customers who have hooked Star Rug Company designs often send Maria pictures of their finished product. Our Rug Gallery showcases some of the colors, techniques and other embellishments that our clever customers use to make these rugs their own unique creations.
Lazy Sheep - Maria's Original
Halloween Hooligans - Maria's Original
Halloween Hooligans - 4 great customer examples of how color can change a design. Very clever!
Mister Snowman - By: Julie Burns
Mister Snowman - Other Customer Examples
Snow Guy - Diane Legros
By: Unknown
(If this is you - let us know!)
By: Marguerite Evans
By: Linda Long
By: Unknown
(If this is you - let us know!)
Mister Iggy - By: Pati Jane Wolf
By: Katrina Kahn
By: Unknown
(If this is you - let us know!)
Atha Pumpkin - By: Lauren
By: Rhonda
Happy Jack - By: Unknown
By: Jennifer McKelvie
O Christmas Tree - By: Helen Mar Parkin
Antique Santa - By: Linda Long
Winter Walk- By: Karen Davault
Ohio Is My Dwelling Place - By: Rhonda
Ohio Farmhouse - By: Janie Featherstone
Nick - By: Brenda Barton
Garden Rabbit - By: Linda Long
Tin Rooster - By: Rhonda
Elf Boy- By: Ginger Jackson
Grinning Gouls -
By: Barbara Daniels
Halloween Quartet - By: Judy Collins
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By: Renee Housal